Dear Nigerian Youth, Luck Is No Strategy.

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Most Nigerians believe in luck so much that they delegate their future into its hand’s and go about their normal life. A typical example is voting for the wrong persons and expecting that our economy will magically turn around or not voting at all and hoping that we will have a prosperous country lead by good leaders.

How else can you explain that? Do countries accidentally become prosperous?

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with believing in luck as long as it doesn’t hurt your chances. In fact, most of us believe in luck! Don’t we?

Luck is defined by many as when preparation meets opportunity and I agree with this definition to a large extent. That is because it points out the importance of preparation in being lucky.

Today, the economic climate of the country is extremely harsh to its youths. Youth employment is skyrocketing and the government is doing nothing about it. Public higher institutions are busy churning out graduates that are vastly unprepared for the job market.

Relying on the government to turn things around or even government jobs as some do can only end in futility. Imagine believing that one day tom will stop fighting jerry. Can you be lucky? Yes. Is that a good strategy? No.

So is relying on the chance that some random string of events that you expect to go your way, to get you a good job after graduation. Stop hoping for success when you have no plan towards achieving it. Hoping on its own is not a good strategy.

You need a concrete strategy, not luck. How will you get yourself gainfully employed in a country where lots of people are not gainfully employed and even those who are, earn peanuts?

Put together a plan today.

Is there a strategy better than luck? Yes!

  • Learn a valuable skill. Take courses and if you are confused about what skill to learn then this article might help.
  • Get mentors/people who you can learn from (they could even be blogs).
  • Subscribe to publications and newsletters.
  • Join communities that will help you.
  • Get an inner circle support network of a few friends making similar steps. This would make it easier for you.
  • Use social proof to your advantage. Check out this article.

At theX, we believe that technology can save us all from relying on luck because there are lots of opportunities in tech and they aren’t restricted to only people with technical skills.

Put together a plan today.

Remember, a concrete strategy will always be better than luck. Luck is no strategy and no strategy is doom.

Product Scientist at Agant.

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