Introducing theX: A Community of Learning, Growth, and Fun.

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Life is full of discoveries. Full of unknowns. In algebra, we are always finding what is not known. Almost all of us will remember this popular phrase find the unknown which is almost always denoted with the letter x.

We picked it up and decided to name our community after the x which many of us spent time trying to obtain in those difficult algebra classes because we believe that like in algebra, we are still finding the unknown in something much more important — Our lives. Welcome to theX.

theX is a community of young people looking to find answers about questions they have about technology, the tech industry, how to build a career in tech, what is the whole fuss about tech and how tech affects them. It is a community of young people who want to learn, grow and have fun together.

Joining the community will open up the world of technology to an individual. The community operates offline majorly with a community blog that offers lots of useful information. Members and non-members alike can go get information about the community and also learn from the knowledge there. This way a young person learns about the tech industry, various tech careers, how to navigate the world of startups, how to acquire relevant skills, find answers to the deep-seated questions they may have about tech in our society and their lives both from the community and it’s members through these two channels. The community meets every fortnight where we discuss, learn and share our stories.

This community is personal to me. This is because, at different times in my life, I have been confused about what to do and once I discover a community around that interest, I gained a better understanding and make better decisions. When I left home for university, I wanted to write but never knew how to go about it. Discovering a community of writers in Ibadan, helped me to write better and to make a decision about how much writing I want to do. In tech, the story is the same. A community of friends helped me grow and here I am creating a community for others.

The community will be domiciled in the campuses of higher institutions but is open to everybody. Individuals will get to attend community meetups at the campus near them. Each community is led by a Lead Xer who is a member of that community. Community activities will be based on our tripod of learning, growing and having fun.

theX has an independent existence but it is powered by Hacktive. Hacktive provides platforms that allow people to acquire relevant skills in a flexible manner so they can be able to make better choices about their lives and careers.

Click here to join a community near you.

For more questions, send a WhatsApp message to 09019705070.

We can’t wait for you to join us.

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